Friday, November 03, 2006

Non-lawyer's Guide to Procedures/Hearings

While the best advice is to obtain an attorney to assist you with your work injury claim there are many cases where you either don't want or can't find an attorney to take your case. Sadly some claims have become small claims and lawyers are hard to find to handle it. If the state of Colorado told us they would pay all legal expenses then everyone would likely be represented even in the smaller cases. But some claims nowadays have had benefits so reduced or limited that a claimant may have to represent himself or herself because lawyers are not available. I do like the customer service unit at the Colorado Division of Worker's Compensation for trying to help out here but when you need a hearing you may find this guide provided by Colorado helpful (but please consult with an attorney if at all possible especially when you have a serious injury) : Also it is available in English or Spanish!

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