Sunday, May 27, 2007

Medical Ops Investigation Considered

As reported by Channel 7 Denver someone in the company called Medical Ops Management may be investigated after allegations that he was altering reports and pressuring doctors to issue Independent Medical Examinations favorable to the insurance. In Colorado workers comp this company has been frequently used by insurers who wish to have the claimant examined for a medical opinion. It is also reported to be used in Social Security cases. In other words the doctor may have dictated but not signed off on the report and it was then altered. Many claimants were sent to a doctor going through Medical Ops Management...and this raises many questions about the accuracy of many medical reports. Since this can affect medical and even money compensation it is a disturbing story. Here is the most recent link:

Here is the earlier story which is quite disturbing in its allegations:

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rkstaggers said...

too have been a victem of Med Ops Management and can not get the State Attorney's Office to reply to my information requests.
Just another W/C law that the worker got the shaft in the 1990's when the insuance indusrty bought our legislators.
Contact Colorao Rep Moran Carroll. She is working on some bills to correct the wrongs done to the Colorado employees.