Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Who are the Workers Comp Hearing Judges?

In Colorado there are only so many hearing Judges. The current Judges are indicated in the provided link. This also reminds me to let you know that hearings when needed must comply with the rules for filing and scheduling. This means that unless resolved in some other way when you need a hearing it means obtaining a date several weeks out (over two months). Expecting a quick hearing is unrealistic and a violation of the procedural rules. Each side has a right to due process.That means fair notice of the hearing and the opportunity to review and prepare for it. When witnesses are involved each side wants to know what is going to be presented to a judge. This means each is provided the time to get ready permitted by the rules and law. There are what are called expedited hearings but these are restricted and uncommon. If a case is contested and we need a hearing it simply takes time to comply with the rules and get ready for the hearing. That can mean tough times for a claimant in some cases. In other cases the time works to the advantage of the claimant so it depends on the issues.

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