Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Peak Vista Community Health

There are many people who truly cannot afford a doctor or medical care and seem to have run out of options. Whether injured or infirm or old if you are truly poor there is one great resource to turn to for medical help. They do not take everybody but try over at Peak Vista Community Health. I have always felt they provide quality care so this option is worth a try. My only problem which other attorneys have also commented on to me is that they do not fill out paperwork that can help someone qualify for other benefits like Social Security disability. I suspect this is because they are loaded with basic care cases and believe they have to use their time wisely. I disagree since when someone does get other benefits they may also obtain medicare or similar medical benefits. This benefits everyone. I am sure Peak Vista only can do so much but I admire what they try to do. The local newspaper commented today on this agency and how it too needs help from us.
Peak Vista

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