Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Guidance on Epidural Injections

Here is a link to a recent update at the Division of Workers Comp website that reviews epidural injections. Some are diagnostic and some are therapeutic. I do know that sometimes they are used to give the doctor a better clue on the situation so having one does not always mean the results will be good. In my experience injections do not seem to provide much relief and as noted in the link they do not last very long. Still when the treating doctor recommends it a claimant should go ahead unless he has a very good reason. I have had claimants try it and hate it so they dread trying again but then others have had some relief. Never ask your lawyer for advice on what to do as it is a medical question for your doctor. A good doctor will inform you so you understand the situation. It is natural to have concerns. If you have concerns and are not being listened to then take it to the next level. You can write your doctor and document your concerns by asking for more information. Always tell your lawyer.
Here is the guidance.

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