Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The tidal wave of TV ads by attorneys

I am amazed at the TV ads by some attorneys. The viewer is left with the impression it is all so easy and also fast. Perhaps this is part of our culture to look for the magic pill or the quick fix or instant results. I recall someone telling me they went to one such attorney and their case was settled for $5000. Fair? Who knows but it was fast. Just today someone said they've been calling and calling but no one returns their calls. I can only shake my head because when so much advertising is done it is bound to lead to many many cases but also overload is possible. I suspect it also can mean a push to settle cases to feed the expenses of operating and marketing such an office. Be aware that many cases can take quite a while to resolve and are not simple and easy. If you have a small claim perhaps that is simple and easy but not a case where you require extensive medical treatment and have a serious health problem from your injury or disability. The last thing you want is to be pushed out of the system with less rather than more. Going for the quick buck may get you the quick buck but not top dollar. An injury can well mean chronic pain and permanent limitation. Do not cash it out and give up your rights without getting the maximum care and value. That simply takes time but it is usually well worth it.

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