Thursday, June 12, 2008

Non-lawyers Guide to Workers Comp Hearings

The Office of Administrative Courts is where they handle workers compensation cases that are disputed or contested in the sense that they need a hearing. For example if the insurance is contesting the claim then you may have to go to a hearing. Or, you disagree with something and wish to make an issue of it for a judge to decide then it may need go to a hearing. Issues can be over temporary benefits, medical benefits, permanent benefits and much more. Perhaps you seek to change doctors and the insurer won't agree or maybe the average wage they have for you is too low so you feel it is shortchanging your benefits. Hearings are needed in many different types of disputes. Unfortunately some people do not have an attorney. If so they must try to do it themselves. The websites maintained by the Division of Workers Compensation and the Office of Administrative Courts have set forth their rules (yes there are rules at both websites) and other information for you. At this webpage the Office of Administrative Courts has provided information on representing yourself at a hearing. You can view it right here.

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