Friday, December 05, 2008

Rule 18-6 (E) Mileage as of Jan. 1, 2009

Rule 18 pertains to medical services and is quite complex. It is of limited interest as it mostly tells us about the billable charges for those services. Of course it includes charges for reports and testimony and the like. For example when anyone calls a physician to testify the charge is $450 an hour. There are times it is quite necessary to call a physician especially when there is a contest over medical or causation matters. But I also noted that a subsection of Rule 18 pertains to mileage reimbursement. Rule 18-6 (E) increases the amount from 40 cents to 55 cents a mile. This is the amount you can seek for trips to see an authorized providers and the like. So starting January 1st all claimants can be reimbursed at a much higher rate then the present rate. Click here for the mileage chart. But a word to the wise...mileage is usually figured by or a similar calculator so do not overestimate!

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