Saturday, January 03, 2009

Wondering About Social Security Entitlement?

I came across a simple website run by the government that lets you answer some
multiple choice questions to see what, if any, Social Security entitlements you might be eligible for. It's pretty basic but it is very simple to use and may give you some insight as to what programs may be there for you. You do not post any personal identifying information. It is just a tool to see what pertains to you. If you want to talk with a representative at your local SS office (rather then use online resources) you should call them at (719) 574-9279 to see if you need an appointment. Often the office visit can take a while. Should you wish to apply much information is needed such as the names/addresses of your doctors and employers for many years. Also be aware that when you describe the jobs you've done do not be incomplete or inaccurate. Realize that disability in its simplest sense means that you are no longer employable. So if you can physically/mentally do one or more of the jobs you've done in the past 15 years on a sustained basis then you're not disabled. If you've done very easy work then they can wonder why you cannot do it again. Needless to say an attorney is often needed since denials are common. Also in this area your doctor can be very important to itemizing your problems and restrictions. Anyway click here for the eligibility tool.

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