Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is This a Noteworthy Blog? Seems Like it...

Well aside from the LexisNexis award we received it looks like another blog called us noteworthy. It is always nice to receive a compliment. It's funny but we started this blog as a way just to post my comments and provide news of interest to others. It has been fun and sometimes challenging to do so and it does appear that it is educating its readers. I realize it is written from the perspective of the disabled or injured worker. I have found many to be exceptional people placed in difficult circumstances and often treated as no longer worthy. They can be terminated, contested, disputed and mistreated. They are often hurting physically, emotionally and financially. They are stuck in what can seem to be a nightmare but most truly just want to be fairly treated. They are often portrayed as fakers and money grubbers when all they seek are what they may be legally entitled to receive. Are there some that are out of line...of course and the same applies to the other side. There are always bad apples out there in anything.

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