Friday, April 17, 2009

3 Court of Appeals cases decided April 16, 2009

The Colorado Court of Appeals decided 3 workers comp cases yesterday. In Simpson there was an assertion of overpayment to the claimant. Alleging all sorts of arguments the claimant was not successful in preventing the overpayment effort. The case is an interesting read but has one twist that may be significant just by itself. The claimant also sought to recalculate higher his permanent total benefits. Citing a recent case, Avalanche, his argument was that the calculations be based on his date of disablement not just the original date of injury. On this the court remanded it back to the lower judge for more fact finding. In Landeros the claimant alleged his jail time tolled the statutory time limits to seek to reopen. He lost. In the last case, Aviado, the claimant also asserted many arguments when he lost his permanent total claim at the hearing. It is also an interesting read and alleges that the claimant should have a right to proceed civilly apart from the workers comp system. It even asserts the Act itself is unconstitutional. He lost on all his arguments. My brief comments here do not do justice to these cases and I urge anyone interested to click on the links and read them for themselves.
UPDATE: Aviado noted above was denied cert by the Supreme Court on Apr. 5, 2010 so it means that court will not review further the decision of the Court of Appeals.
UPDATE: June 1, 2010, the Supreme Court reverses Simpson and a related case and overrules itself on date of disablement but AWW can be by determined by statute or by the discretion of the judge. Date of disablement is not to be used and does seem to be unnecessary anyway.

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