Friday, May 29, 2009

A Very Special Story

I debated posting about this because it does not concern workers compensation or Social Security disability. But it does concern disability and how we all can learn how to deal with it. This story concerns how a little boy responded to a disabled child. It just so happens this disabled child is my granddaughter. Her name is Cici and she just turned 18 months old. Several months ago she choked on food and despite heroic efforts it resulted in oxygen deprivation. She came close to dying but after many weeks returned home needing constant care. In an instant lives were changed but through it all hope has remained and progress has been steady. All sorts of problems have to be dealt with and yet against all odds the child and her family have been survivors. What makes it more special is that a little boy named Max and his parents found out about Cici's story. In this link to my daughters blog you can see what Max then did. A disability can happen to any of us at any time. It can happen to those we care about. The effects of a disability are widespread and often very tough to deal with. Yet despite it all there are special people out there, like in Max's story and in Cici's story that inspire us. They are beacons of hope who remind us that how you approach disability is with honesty, compassion and dedication to do all that we can.

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