Friday, August 14, 2009

Social Security Disability...getting started.

If you can no longer work because of all of your health problems then applying for Social Security Disability may be something to consider. Anyone hurt on the job who may be unable to work anymore should also consider applying but check with your attorney on the timing as it is a factor in your workers comp benefits including even your medical benefits. Those that truly are not employable in a substantial way often can make a claim for disability by heading down to the local Social Security office or online. Here is a link to a starter kit at the Social Security website. Since most people have many questions about it I usually advise applying in person if you can do so. Of course going online is another way but please do not just get started without reviewing the online information at the Social Security website. Some common misconceptions about SSD are that you can qualify if you can no longer work in your occupation. Sorry it's not so although age is a very important factor in the agency deciding if you are employable. Another misconception is that you can get it before you stop working. Sorry but most people should not be working to apply for disability. Another misconception is to say my friend got it for his back problems and I have back problems so I also should get it. Sorry but every case is decided on an individual basis where age, other health concerns, education, past jobs and more are considered. Finally you do need to supply some information about jobs and physicians. Click here for that.

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