Friday, September 11, 2009

Backlogs Increase at SSA in Colorado

Delays are common in Social Security disability cases. In the last few years one delay that affects all of us is in the area of setting the hearing before the judge. When you appeal a denial in Colorado it goes to a hearing. It seems to take about a year from applying to obtain a hearing. This is not a hard and fast rule as it can be faster but it can take longer too. Also sometimes a judge will review and decide no hearing is needed as benefits should be granted. But with most cases you expect a year of waiting and after a hearing several weeks more to obtain the decision. What is new here is that the delays may be increasing. If you click here you'll see what another attorney noted and the chart you can then view makes Colorado look to be one of the problem areas. There seems to be a backlog that is growing and if so may lead to more delays in obtaining a hearing.

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