Sunday, December 20, 2009

Injured Worker Claim Form and Contact Number

If you are injured on the job and must file a claim with the state or just need some basic information please do not be afraid to call the Division of Workers Compensation customer service number at 1-888-390-7936. The claim form can be found here at this form page. It is a big download in pdf format but can be filled out and sent in whenever you are being ignored on your claim and should proceed on it. Sometimes you report your injury and nothing is done by your employer. Colorado lets you file your own employee claim, gives you general information at its website and customer service is a telephone call away. Of course as soon as possible consult with an attorney. Please do not rely on your employer or the insurer to act in your interests.


Jay Parmar said...

Work place accidents occur due to the lack of safety and security measures provided by a company to its workers. Such careless behavior can cost a company dearly in case the worker faces life threatening accidents and injuries at work. In order to help out the workers in such cases, work accident claims are meant so as to provide monetary compensation to the workers so as to provide them with due compensation. However there are some things you can do to improve your chances of making a successful work accident claim if you have been injured in a workplace accident.
1. The injury must be reported to the employer's insurance company immediately.
2. Employees may be required to submit medical records documenting the visits, or they may be asked to consult company recommended doctors in order to make sure their claims are valid.
3. Be comfortable with your attorney. The more information your attorney has about your case and about the accident the more chance your work accident claim will be successful.
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work accident claim said...

Accident at work are very normal it's due to lack of attention about your workers and employer or manager. Work place safety is not a big deal for manger or owner of a firm so be aware about your laws and right about safety and protection at work place