Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Website for Division of Workers Compensation

Colorado redesigned the website for the Division of Workers Compensation and posted it online. It certainly has a cleaner appearance and I suspect it has all that it had before. For me it will take a bit of getting used to since I was comfortable with the old website. What does happen when you give it a cleaner appearance is that it can take an extra click to find some pages. I did like the old website but it was cluttered with details. For a guy who prefers details I took to it but can see the reason to simplify it.

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john..... said...

In addition to fines levied for safety breaches, an estimated £10 billion a year is being paid out in compensation. If you have suffered a work related accident or injury through no fault of your own, you may well be entitled to claim compensation. There are no set figures for workplace claims as no two cases are the same. The amount you may be entitled to will of course relate to the nature of accident and its impact on your life and livelihood.

The guidelines in place split the compensation into two amounts. The first, called General Damages takes into account your pain, the suffering you have endured (or are enduring) and what's called the loss of amenity. Perhaps you have lost hearing or the vision from an eye. The amount of General Damages that you are entitled to essentially boils down to three essential factors:

The severity of your injuries.

How much your injuries have prevented you from carrying out your normal activities.

Ongoing pain and suffering.

The second part of the compensation equation is called Special Damages. This relates to:

Lost earnings. The cost of private medical treatment.

Travel and prescription expenses.

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