Monday, June 07, 2010

Pinnacol Bonuses and Travel audited

The Denver Post is indicating that Pinnacol was audited by the state in this article. Pinnacol Assurance is the state's largest workers compensation insurer and has been in the news often in the last year. The criticism is that Pinnacol pays higher then average bonuses and its travel benefits were also high. Of course Pinnacol is not completely public and operates also as a private insurer so it is a hybrid. In any event the criticism continues though it is nothing like the Wall Street bonuses we have read about. Pinnacol seems to be doing pretty well though the state and many others are dealing with the recession. Some would say it is at the expense of claimants and business owners. Others would say it is just doing a good job. This story is being reported everywhere. It is on Channel 7 News. At the Denver Business Journal it is reported with the attached audit should you wish to read the details.

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