Thursday, December 09, 2010

Everyone Seems to Benefit Except SS Recipients

The tax cut extension certainly seems to be benefiting all Americans except those just drawing Social Security benefits. Those earning over $250,000 continue to receive a tax break estimated at a cost of $75 billion. But also the Social Security tax is reduced for one year from payroll deductions and this appears to cost about $120 billion. See this article at CNN Money. My concern is if that payroll deduction is made permanent it sets up Social Security to take the fall for being too costly so benefits need be cut. You take away the SS payroll collections and then blame it on Social Security itself! Additionally despite this enormous giveaway they then quietly killed any chance to help out those on Social Security with a one time $250 check to make up for two years of no cost of living increase. Cost for that? $14 billion. Reason given? It is too costly. Makes you wonder about our priorities.

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