Thursday, January 06, 2011

Pinnacol Golf Junket for Executives in 2010 Hits News Again

Channel 9 News and other media in Denver are reporting today on last years golf trip by Pinnacol executives. Pinnacol was required by a court order to disclose this information and as might be expected it is raising eyebrows. Some are saying the chief executive should resign. It does seem outrageous especially when you realize Pinnacol is meant to be nonprofit. Things like pink golf balls for the ladies, lavender pedicures, and even over $400 spent at the airport lounge and over $7000 in room charges for the chief executive. The total? Over $300000.00 for this Pebble Beach Golf trip. It is also reported that state auditors criticized Pinnacol for its lavish spending history in September. Pinnacol fought to prevent release of this information but had to do so. Now many are very upset at Pinnacol. Since Pinnacol is a mix of public and private the disclosure could not be kept a secret as can be the case with private companies. I imagine that compared to others such as the financial bank companies this is not that horrible or lavish but tell that to the injured worker of even the small business that is pinching pennies in these hard times.

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