Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 Colorado All About Claims Newsletter

Every now and then Colorado puts out a workers comp newsletter. They just recently published this issue in January 2013. It is actually quite nice to read this newsletter as it personalizes the system and
also alerts you to recent developments. The process is not faceless and this issue provides us with some information on Judge Purdie. It introduces you to Judge Lamphere. It discusses new rules and procedures too. I actually would like to see this newsletter published more frequently and have claimant and respondent input too. The newsletter is an informal way of discussing various workers comp matters and meeting those who play a role in the workers comp process. People can be critical of the system and the outcome of cases but I have to admit most of the people who work in it, from judges to attorneys to assistants, work very hard. Many cases are quite complicated and take a long time to resolve. There usually is just a formal side that you may see. The motion, the order, a brief, a form to fill out and medical reports to read can make it all seem very cold. But there really are people involved in the process. A claimant may be the most involved but the adjustor is also financially and actively involved. Newsletters and other publications can help all of us understand how it is going and even some of the players. If at all possible every claimant should obtain an experienced attorney. Going it alone is quite hazardous especially in terms of getting the proper treatment and receiving an adequate award.

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