Thursday, May 02, 2013

Maximum Benefit Rates effective July 2013

The Division has provided everyone with its new maximum rate figures for Colorado workers compensation benefits. Each year it revises the maximum rates and effective July 1,2013 it has new rates. These apply to injuries after that date. It is important to realize that maximum rates are set because rates are not unlimited. With a work injury not everyone receives a fair amount. Workers compensation benefits are limited or capped. Often an injured worker would tell me he's not getting enough compensation when by computation he was getting the correct amount. But the correct amount does not mean your compensation rate is going to be high. It is an insurance benefit and is designed to provide what the state has determined it must provide. The basic concept is to receive two-thirds of your average weekly wage when you are unable to work after your work injury. Thinking it is going to be high or even equivalent to your take home pay is unlikely. Historically benefits have not been taxable so at least that is a plus. And medical benefits are not limited although there can always be a dispute on what is reasonable in treatment. If your doctor prescribes a trip to the Bahamas for your psychological well being it is going to be disputed. But be aware that disputes involving your average weekly wage are common. Claimants often believe the figure provided by the insurer is wrong. Overtime and even health benefits may be part of the figure. When possible do seek out an attorney to represent you as soon as you can. Even a case where the claim is admitted can have much to deal with including what is the correct average weekly wage.

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