Friday, July 05, 2013

A Caution on Workers Compensation

Every so often I get a comment from someone who wonders if the Colorado material posted here applies to other states. It is important to loudly! While there are similarities between many states a workers compensation system is unique to each state. Colorado's system is a creature of state statutes and case law. It does not apply in any other state. Perhaps each state learns from the others or case law from one state may be an influence in a case in a different state. But the law in Colorado really depends on Colorado statutes and cases. The exception would be in federal cases involving federal employees. For those cases there is federal law. So if Colorado law applies to you then this blog and its references may be helpful in understanding things. But if you are in another state and its law applies then looking here may be of little benefit. Every state has its own laws in this field so for advice consult an attorney in your area. This blog makes for interesting reading but I must say it pertains only to Colorado. It also represents my views and my slant on the field. Legal advice should come from your attorney.

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