Sunday, March 04, 2007

Continuing Legal Education...workers comp

I'll be spending one day in the week coming up at a legal seminar on workers compensation. There are a few seminars in this field a year and it seems that I always attend two of them. The two seminars that are well attended by those of us in the field are full day seminars. So much is happening in this field that two days a year are needed to stay on top of it. I enjoy them because I also get to meet others in this field from judges to attorneys to others like those handling the proceedings at the Division. Often the topics are so many that I have to pick between two different topics in any one hour. All this is called Continuing Legal Education and it is also incredibly valuable to be updated on a regular basis. CLE or Continuing Legal Education is a requirement imposed on practicing attorneys. In Colorado you are required to have 45 hours every three years. The workers comp seminars alone exceed this and I have to admit they are enjoyable to attend. I wish some of our legislators would attend too. They would gain some valuable insight into how the system is working and where it is stumbling.

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