Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What is a DIME in workers comp?

Often this is an absolute must do in many cases. A DIME is a Division Independent Medical Examination. It is critical in many cases that a claimant seek a DIME. The cost for this is now $675.00 all to be paid to a doctor for a second opinion but it is necessary in many cases. A claimant is usually treated by a doctor picked by the employer. Many though not all of these doctors seem to treat and release people with low ratings for permanent injury and little to no further treatment. In case after case many claimant attorneys see this happen and it really is distressing. If properly set up and planned for a DIME will almost always help a claimant although there are no guarantees. If more treatment is needed it comes out in the examination. For example many claimants have psychological difficulty that comes from the work injury. However the treating doctor misses it or ignores it. This can be addressed in a DIME. Also additional medical care may be needed. Or, if all has been done the DIME may reveal a much higher rating which can result in far greater compensation. There are even cases where the treating doctor released a claimant with no impairment and no restrictions and this was incorrect. Insurers love this and file to close out cases fast so if this happens be aware you are usually on a deadline to seek a DIME. Selecting a DIME doctor is a delicate matter and there are rules to abide by in setting it all up. A DIME is a doctor selected by a special process through the Colorado Division of Workers Compensation to truly evaluate your injury and comment on certain critical matters. It is often invaluable in obtaining more care and better benefits for people to pursue a DIME. However it is not an automatic thing to do so it's not for everybody and if you are indigent there is a process to have the insurer advance the cost.

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