Friday, April 27, 2007

Disfigurement New Law!

HB 1297 was just signed into law by Gov. Ritter. For many, many years an injured worker with a scar or disfigurement was limited to no more than $2000 for it. You would appear before the Judge or provide a photograph and from that the Judge would sign an order for a sum up to $2000 but no more. I've seen low amounts around $200 and other amounts that were higher awarded by a Judge. But if you had horrendous scars you were still limited to no more than $2000. Despite the passage of many years the top amount awarded stayed at $2000. Colorado legislators failed to consider increasing it and the disfigurement benefit was ignored. Today this was changed by HB 1297. The basic disfigurement benefit was increased to as much as $4000. But also for horrendous scars that deserve more the top dollar could go to $8000. Lastly they added a yearly review so it could even increase each year. Anyway here is the link to the bill:

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