Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Few Interesting Stats

It appears there were over 10000 hearing applications in 2004 in Colorado. The actual hearings held were around 1500. There were however some 7000 settlements. So the general rule with injuries at work is that most result in settlements. But getting to a settlement or a hearing is often a complicated matter. For example there also were some 8000 motions filed in cases in 2004. Disputes are common in work injury cases and often the injured worker is truly mystified by it all. It seems as if they go from productive worker to problem employee overnight even if they've worked for the same employer for years. Medical, legal and financial worries can all be part of the stress on an injured worker. Employers and insurers suddenly can treat you like an adversary but even if they are trying to be decent about it the stress of needing to recover and move on with your life can be high. Even a minor injury can have long term consequences on your life so you should keep informed and if possible obtain good legal advice with your case. You can call us at 719-596-8900. If you cannot obtain an attorney or need further questions answered contact the Division customer service people at 1-888-390-7936 (toll free).

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