Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cost of Living Increases

Colorado workers comp benefits do not have a cost of living benefit. Someone left a comment and I thought it deserved a post by itself. There was a brief period when there was a cost of living benefit but that ended with claims which arose by 1994. In Social Security there are cost of living adjustments made yearly. Such is life and the only way to change it is to change the law.
It is regretable if not shameful that we limit benefits to those injured at work. It seems as if the old and disabled are pushed to the side by society despite being there and shouldering the load for us. Then we so limit benefits that we impoverish many of them. Taking care to honor and protect them is not part of our system. The recent VA problems at a VA Hospital indicate it even pertains to our soldiers. Sorry but that is simply wrong. The workers, the soldiers and the old did so much for us that they should be honored and made as comfortable as possible. When I handle a case I know I try to maximize benefits but I also know that it is often not enough. They deserve our respect and laws which provide significant benefits.

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