Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Initial Denials in Social Security cases

Colorado has one of the highest denial rates for those first applying for SSD or SSI benefits. In Colorado almost 70% are denied. Where is the best state to apply for benefits? DC also known as the District of Columbia is the lowest but Hawaii is the best place to live and apply as it grants more then half who initially apply. Tennessee denies 77% so it gets the worst place award. California? It denies 56.6% of those who first apply. Of course after any denial a claimant should consider appealing the denial. It is important to realize that the burden is always on the claimant to show he or she is unable to work and satisfy the requirements to obtain benefits. When you go down to apply on your own there are many forms to fill out but key factors are all your doctors and all the places you've worked in the past 15 years or so. Records are sought by the agency but be aware that it really is your burden to make sure all the important records are submitted to the agency. Sometimes doctors forget to submit records or there are recent records for recent treatment. Make sure all this is given to the agency and if you are not sure go get the records yourself and submit them. Expecting others to care about you and take care of you and be diligent to protect your rights is true if you've retained a lawyer but don't expect the agency to do so.

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