Thursday, March 27, 2008

Claimant Fraud or How Not to Be Well Heeled

The typical claimant on workers comp seeks to maximize his benefits. There is no reason to not receive all available benefits. However in this link we have a claimant in Connecticut that went beyond that. Insurers love to use such stories of fraud to justify tightening up on workers comp rules and laws. Such instances of fraud then can hurt the average claimant. By and large most claimants just want to get treated and back to work if at all possible. But at times someone decides to be false and deceptive. Not only can that be criminal it also affects all the other claimants. It can result in insurance adjustors and employers thinking all claims are suspect. By the way the instances of employer wrongdoing are actually more common. Many times employees with legitimate claims are treated poorly by their employer. Claimants are fired or demoted or ostracized. To save a few bucks I've seen employers put claimants back to work reading the phone book just to have them collecting regular pay rather then workers comp. In any event all claimants should know they are not invisible and surveillance is common. Check out the Connecticut story here.

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