Monday, March 17, 2008

Three Choices

Many times there is a point where a claimant has 3 choices to choose from in a case. He is faced with a Final Admission after treatment where he is likely rated by the treating doctor as to his impairment. He is given a 30 day deadline to act. His choices are to accept the Final Admission filed by the insurer or to seek a DIME (Division Independent Medical Exam) or to try to settle out without a DIME. He's on a deadline so it can be a tough choice to make. Questions to consider include are you at MMI (maximum medical improvement)? At times treatment ends too soon and more can be done. Another consideration is the rating. Is it too low or high enough to worry that if you go for a DIME will that doctor lower the rating? Yes that can happen when you open the door to a medical review of the treating doctors rating. What about future care such as ongoing medications? Is that allowed for or is it less then expected or desired? What about your restrictions? Can you barely lift a gallon of water yet the doctor said you can lift 20 pounds? Some decisions are easy. If the treating doctor releases you without impairment or anything further and returns you to full duty and you disagree that choice is easy. You go for a DIME (after objecting to the Final Admission which the insurer rushed to you). Each case is different but the statistics seem to show that many try for a DIME. This occurs because the treating doctor who was handpicked by your employer may be less favorable to you. But if the rating is high enough then we have a tougher decision to make. Each of the three choices comes with a negative. If you go for a DIME the new opinion may lower the rating or agree with the treating doctor or alter something else like your maintenance care. If you accept the Final Admission then your case closes based on that Final Admission (read it carefully because it is what is in writing that counts not what the adjustor tells you). You do keep your right to petition to reopen for a while (6 years from date of injury or 2 years from date of last money payable) but that does not mean if you worsen you can reopen the claim easily. It can take a battle. Insurers often question reopening especially when a new job or event has aggravated it. You can just try to settle it all out but that means closure forever in most cases. So you may get extra dollars but don't plan to be able to return for care if you get worse or if it turns out you cannot work at all. Again for most cases the choice is to go for a DIME but each choice has consequences so in some ways it is a choice between evils. We all want open medical benefits and high compensation but seldom is that provided. Lastly each person has personal factors to consider. Some can be ready to work and just want it over with. Others may have lost their trade and need to maximize benefits. Still others really feel they need more treatment. Tough choices and asking others for advice can be tricky. Only your lawyer knows the current state of the law. He also knows the doctors involved whichever way you go. Beyond that you may have to consider if you are permanently and totally disabled and this enters into any review of the choices. The point is that it is never a simple matter and each case is unique so take the time to think it through with your lawyers help. Going it alone is seldom wise as the decision you make you will carry with you the rest of your life.

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