Thursday, May 01, 2008

Colorado General Assembly

Ever want to check on bills being passed or that are pending at the Colorado legislature? It is important if you have any interest in changing the law that you be active or at least educated about bills that seek to become new laws. Here is a site to visit that can tell you about current bills. For example plug into the site HB 1407 and see what comes up. This is a bill just recently filed to take it to insurance companies that unreasonably deny benefits. Will it pass? Well the insurance lobby spends much to prevent such bills from passing. They may advertise that it will be disastrous for Colorado. You have heard such ads before when they proclaim businesses and the taxpayer will be hurt and costs will rise if this bill or that bill passes etc. etc. etc. I just think we need to look at the bigger picture and do the right thing. I also know that public relations campaigns may or may not be truthful. It seems nowadays that negative campaigning is the way to go...not just in elections but with anything you want to stop in its tracks. Anyway here is the link to the Colorado General Assembly.

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