Monday, August 25, 2008 at the DNC

The Democratic National Convention starts today in Denver Colorado. One group for the disabled is indicating it will be there. The link to their site (
is here.
According to an ongoing poll disaboom is conducting about 57% are for Obama and 26% for McCain with the rest undecided. Why? At least historically the Democratic party was more pro-labor and the Republican party more pro-business. In Colorado until recently we had a Republican state and it showed in workers compensation "reform" as benefits/rights were cut back over at least a dozen years. Since the Democrats now are in the majority at the legislature and we have a democratic governor some changes have happened. The stronger the Democratic party the more likely further change for the better for workers will occur. One change I'd like to see is to throw out the scheduled rating and have everyone apply a whole person rating to every case. My view is that every permanent injury has an impact on your earning capacity. A hand injury can mean loss of a trade so it should be as serious as any other injury. Nowadays a hand injury can mean a low ball recovery even if you lose your trade/occupation and that is flat wrong. In any event if you are disabled/hurt then when you follow this election pay attention to who seems serious about the disabled and who gives lip service to helping the disabled. The wait for Social Security hearings is directly attributable to poor funding under the current administration.

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