Sunday, August 03, 2008

Waiting for Social Security Disability in Oregon

In this link to an excellent article in the Oregonian we see the terrible effects of the delays in processing and approving Social Security disability benefits. Years can go by and people can die just waiting. There can be appeals and more appeals. Even in the best of cases many months go by. There are simply more claims and less people to handle them but in addition there seems a concerted effort to deny the disabled a fair assessment in the early stages. Some cases astound me. A clearly disabled person who can no longer work is denied benefits and forced to wait for his hearing a year or more. Sometimes this person earned quite good pay and to think he'd give that up for a reduced benefit is plain crazy. Many would prefer to work. The stories in this article remind us that we can do better for the disabled. Congress needs to appropriate more and the process itself needs to be realistic not so technical we lose sight of the human side. As seen in this article linked here the human side is hurting.

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