Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Try a Diversion...Ruth's Cookies

Okay...this is not about workers compensation or Social Security disability. It is just about something as simple and rewarding as a cookie. Nothing earthshaking but there are times despite the stress and troubles in the world that we all need a time out and a time to just enjoy life. Ruth's Cookies has been a bakery I've known about for years. But what they produce is not some store bought version but a real cookie. The type that melts in your mouth and gives you an instant rush. They used to be out east but now are on the westside. I must admit their cookies are my favorites and by accident I came across them as I was driving on the westside. I was delighted to have rediscovered them and quickly bought a dozen snickerdoodles. Just think...only a simple cookie. That is about as far removed from controversy and disability as is possible. Time out to just enjoy.

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Colorado Bankruptcy Lawyer said...

I'm rarely in that neck of the woods, but if I am I will definitely stop by and pick up some cookies. Hopefully they have some peanut butter, chocolate chip - my fav.