Saturday, October 04, 2008

Changing Offices

We've just finished moving offices and it went quite smoothly all things considered. I had been out near the Citadel Mall area at one office for some 16 years. It was an excellent office but time for a change. We moved just north of downtown to 730 North Weber Street and also to another location more convenient to our operations. It's a 21st Century way to operate. The problems of moving after such a long time are significant. We had an enormous number of files. We decided on a new phone system and of course needed new stationery. All the details were handled although we are still waiting added changes to our phone system. What sticks with me as we went through with the move is how many people we've represented over the years. It was a trip down memory lane as I reviewed all of our records. Some of those cases were considered lost causes but turned out fine. It reminded me to keep emphasizing to people to get an experienced attorney on your side if at all possible. Even so called lost causes need not be so with competent help. Thinking an insurance company will max out your benefits is unrealistic. You may even think everything is going along fine but please understand the insurance wants to save money. That fact means they seek to minimize and close a case as soon as possible. It is the nature of the profit system and it conflicts with obtaining maximum benefits in almost all cases. With an attorney you increase the odds in your favor often by 50 to 100 percent or more.

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