Saturday, November 22, 2008

Do Attorneys Make a Difference?

The state Division of Workers Compensation has statistics up through the year 2004. You can go to the Division website for this. For 2004 the average settlement was about $12000 for those not represented by an attorney. For those represented the average was about $32000. Click here for the 2004 stats and table 32 there sets forth the stats I am mentioning here. Now these are just averages. In my experience an attorney also helps on the medical side and on the receipt of temporary benefits. In many cases even before any settlement there are problems an attorney can assist with. Sometimes the treating doctor just discharges the claimant and that is wrong. This can result in the loss of medical care and loss of temporary benefits. Doing nothing is usually a mistake and an attorney can seek further care and benefits. The biggest factor can be where the insurer provides some permanent benefits but the claimant is no longer employable. This can mean much more in a settlement if it is pursued. Here the amount can far more then doubling or tripling the dollars. Lastly with those needing ongoing care this can be a lifetime situation though often the insurer does not see it that way. An attorney helps here too. I could write extensively on this but you get the idea. If you can then get an usually means substantially more benefits.

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