Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nov. 13th One More Case...Montoya

In my last post I noted two cases decided on November 13th by the Colorado Court of Appeals. Actually one more case decision was issued. In Montoya, the authorized treating physician rated the claimant at 19% impaired. The insurer decided to dispute the rating and started up the process to seek a Division IME. That is the only way either side can dispute the rating so provided. Then the same doctor altered his opinion to reduce it because of a prior injury. The number went down to 15%. Of course now the insurer decided it could accept the rating so it cancelled the Division IME and filed a Final Admission in the case to close it but accept the amended rating. The claimant said the insurer could not do that but the court said the insurer could just that. The claimants reasoning was that the insurer was bound to go forward with the Division IME or be bound by the original rating. The court however had no problem with the insurer accepting the amended rating. While I understand the decision you have to ask what if the claimant had received a low rating and sought a DIME but then the doctor increased the rating. Could the claimant cancel the DIME and count on the insurer filing something to respond to that higher rating? Anyway read the Montoya case here.

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