Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Be Careful What You Post Online

Anyone with a workers compensation or Social Security disability claim would be wise to remember that what you post online may be accessed by others. So your profile on Facebook or elsewhere may come back to haunt you. We all know that many with claims are investigated and even videotaped but what you post online may also be subject to review. Here is an interesting article that makes the point very well. If you post about yourself and all your interests then that can raise a question about the severity of your disability. So a word to the wise...do not imagine you are invisible and won't be checked out. From digital cameras to Facebook or even other postings elsewhere you had best assume they will discover all this. In this digital age your life could be an open book so with any injury or disability I suggest you cease...that means STOP all such postings for the duration of your claim or at least be extremely careful what you post.
Postscript: August 23, 2009 Dollar Tree uses claimant's MySpace to bust his case.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pic and social security is important to employee........

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