Friday, July 24, 2009

Workers Comp Hearings...Rules To Use

When we deal with workers compensation claims we may need to refer to two different sets of rules. Over at the Division of Workers Compensation (DOWC) they have rules for the processing of claims. Those rules can be accessed by clicking here. But also whenever we apply for a hearing or when the other side does there are other rules which also apply. These are provided by the Office of Administrative Courts (OAC). Those rules are cited as OACRP (Office of Administrative Courts Rule Procedure) and you can read them by clicking here. So when an agency says WCRP it is the Division saying workers compensation rule of procedure such and such. When another agency cites OACRP it refers to its rules. While sometimes confusing both sets of rules are available for anyone to read on the internet.

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Christena said...

Workers compensation is must and should because it will help to employee.........

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