Thursday, November 05, 2009

Colorado workers comp insurance rates to drop

It appears that companies will be seeing their comp insurance rates drop. This is due to reduced claims as noted in this article. However I do not see this means the workplace is safer. It is possible that is a factor but in my view it is more likely due to unemployment and the loss of manufacturing jobs. Times are tough and it is hard to sustain a work injury if you are not working.

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john..... said...

"Colorado workers comp insurance rates to drop" was a very well written and interesting post and i was very impressed by the writing style. i would like to add that Responsibilities became more dangerous when workers started dealing with heavy machinery and hazardous conditions. The United States took the lead from Europe and created the workers compensation system to handle the process of being hurt in accidents at work.

The system is regulated by federal and state law. Federal law handles federal employees and individual state laws handle non federal employees. The state will determine if workers compensation is required for organizations. If it is, the employer is mandated to provide their employee with the coverage.