Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mileage as of Jan. 1, 2010

Mileage rates are going down a bit to .52 from .55 a mile as of Jan.1, 2010. The new Rule 18 effective Jan 1st has this buried in its pages which also provide all the rates that providers can bill for services. Mileage is one where the claimant can be reimbursed for those miles for trips to the doctor, therapist and the like. This mileage rate is likely tied to some sort of inflation formula so we all have to live with it but it is still better then it was a few years ago when it was .37 a mile. If you are going to submit your miles you should start tracking them as soon as possible by date, place and miles to and from. It is important to be accurate as often the insurer will doublecheck them from a program such as mapquest. Mapquest is not mandatory but the point is be reasonable in the calculations. As for the rest of Rule 18 it includes testimony fees (that is where you find out that doctor charges for testifying are $450 an hour portal to portal (door to door).

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