Friday, March 19, 2010

Continuing Legal Education WC Webcast

Attended a seminar on Colorado Workers Compensation today. For the first time I did so by what is called a webcast. The weather in Denver was projected as snowy so my plan to attend in person became a problem needing a solution. The solution was something called a webcast. It was televised over the web for those who signed up. The materials were sent to my email and from there I could open it up and watch the seminar. This was an all day affair although given the weather they did break a few minutes early. Usually these seminars pack a great deal of material into the day. That meant reviewing many cases, a discussion on the Medical Treatment Guidelines, ethics, rules, recent important legal points and lastly a presentation by two doctors on what used to be called RSD and is now abbreviated as CRPS. You can view more about CRPS by reading the material on it in the treatment guidelines noted above. Webcasts like this save time and today let me devote the time without concern for the weather.

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