Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Deal for Pinnacol This Year

The Denver Post is reporting that there will be no deal for Pinnacol this year. I've posted on Pinnacol numerous times here and more recently Pinnacol was trying to put together a deal for greater autonomy from state control. Pinnacol was originally set up by the state to help Colorado businesses obtain decent workers compensation coverage. Over the years it has worked itself into a major force in the workers compensation market. It handles the biggest share of work injury claims in this state. Given its size and revenues the state sought to obtain income to help with the state budget and also had increased interest in Pinnacol. In any event Pinnacol and the state ended any effort this year to work something out. Pinnacol wanted to pay for greater autonomy and that is out for now. I expect more on this next year. The story does not impact claimants except that some legislators have been unhappy with what they perceive is Pinnacol's power and unfair treatment of claimants. It can lead to law changes that benefit all claimants.
Update: View a more detailed story on this here.

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