Friday, July 02, 2010

Maximum Rates

Workers Compensation benefits are all set by statute. Benefits are a form of insurance coverage for those who have been shown hurt at work. But like any insurance it does not pay unlimited benefits. Benefits are restricted by what we call caps and that means they are limited depending on the situation. Anyone's true losses and pain may be much higher but workers comp given it is insurance only covers what the state sets forth it will cover. Even then disputes are common especially over the severity of the injury and whether work activities caused or aggravated your condition. There may also be disputes on wage calculations, dates, doctors or medical care, job termination, and much more. One cap noted is on maximum rates. Each year this figure can change but what it means is that you can get less but never more then the cap if your wage exceeds $1216 a week (which can include certain other wage related benefits if applicable). Given this figure it means that the top amount of $810.67 is the maximum figure for temporary total disability (2/3rds of the $1216.00).

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