Friday, July 23, 2010

Social Security Disability Filing Online

The traditional way to ask questions and also apply for Social Security disability benefits is to go down to a local SSA office. Any such filing is a bit time consuming as information needs to be supplied and the forms are somewhat complicated. Another option is to file the application online starting here. Be aware that it still takes a lot of your time and can be confusing. It also appears that one form has to be mailed in or dropped off at the agency office. I had one client file online but it was reported that it was not as easy as it might seem. My view is that you do so in person if you can. If not call them up or try the online approach. Any application takes time to process and that includes gathering up some if not all of your medical records. If you are denied be aware that such denials are common and you have the right to appeal provided you promptly act. By all means consult with an attorney especially if you've been denied as there can be many reasons for the denial that justify an appeal.

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