Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Impact on Disability Claims if the Retirement Age is Raised

The Government Accounting Office has released a report on what I see as the impact on Social Security Disability if Retirement is raised. Let us say you can retire early at age 62 and reach full retirement age at 67. To save money some are proposing to raise the retirement age to retire early and for full retirement. One justification is people are living longer and can work longer. Another justification is an effort to reduce benefits perhaps even looking at dumping it at some point. Blaming Social Security is probably a mistake. It has stabilized or helped stabilize the elderly lifestyle and with medicare made sure they were medically insured. It needs improvement but from my own personal experience it helps the old and disabled to allow at least a modest but decent life. But what if they do tamper with it? This report raises the likelihood of increased disability claims. Perhaps it is wise to study all the ramifications of altering Social Security and not look for simplistic answers that some politicians promote. One man's agenda may be another man's loss. Do unto others may be the rule to abide by here.

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