Saturday, November 06, 2010

Over 400 Pages of ALJ Orders

Every now and then the Office of Administrative Courts posts the decisions made by the local ALJ's (Administrative Law Judges). The last month they posted this is for March 2010 but it remains interesting to browse and see what is happening out there. You can search in those decisions for a specific name or word that may be important so you do not have to scroll through hundreds of pages. What has been taken out are the names of the parties. When you read these decisions you can see the attention to detail and the complexity of the analysis. Attorneys also find them useful especially when they are asked to prepare a draft for the judge. Prior recent decisions may provide a starting point to work up the details of your case. Also doctors are often named in the decisions so you can search within those decisions for a doctor to see what he was involved in and how he helped or hurt a claimant's case. All these Orders are only at the first level so they are subject to appeal.

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