Friday, February 25, 2011

Colorado Drug Card

In that many Colorado residents on Social Security or with work injuries may have financial problems or even denials of coverage Colorado does have a Colorado Drug Card. Moreover anyone at all can obtain the drug card so it does not matter what your income. Locally KRDO did an investigation which can give you a better idea about the card. Does it work? Yes although not every pharmacy may know about it. Seniors and those on a tight budget should especially take heed. While it may not always be a big benefit the card is free to all and just let them know by asking for the discount. Additionally for injured workers there is the Injured Worker Pharmacy which has its own website. Apparently a number of attorneys do let their clients know about it so it is another resource that may lower the stress level for claimants. Often a claimant cannot obtain a medication and my view is that you should try to follow through with what your doctor has prescribed. It may turn out to be covered or not but your health should be a primary. In any event always keep receipts if you pay out of pocket as perhaps reimbursement may happen.
Also...El Paso County also has a free drug card that may be helpful too.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME info...hard to believe Colorado has a free statewide program for prescriptions. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

There are many prescription discount cards online. Some are free and some have a membership fee. The discounts vary from card to card too. I like the one I found at The monthly family membership fee is only $4.95. They have drug prices posted on their website to check before you enroll. You fill out the enrollment form on their website, print out a temporary card and go to the pharmacy in 30 minutes. Simple. Fast. No qualifications -- anyone can have this card. They do NOT ask for your Social Security Number.

Free Drug Card said...

I found a great discount card at It's free, you can sign up online and print your card to use immediately. We've been able to save a couple of hundred dollars already.