Friday, February 04, 2011

Does Charlie Sheen Have a Workers Comp claim?

Here is just some humor: Over at The Spoof they posted a bit of satire about Charlie Sheen filing a workers compensation claim. If so does the rehab at home become a medical benefit? Of course any temporary benefits would be quite limited. They allege that given his job entails a certain lifestyle his "research" into his character should be covered since he sustained injury. I am not sure what injury but he was hospitalized so does he have a claim? Some might say he was on a frolic or detour of his own. In Colorado would his treatment even be deemed authorized? So many issues so little time. I would bet that at any hearing there would be very interesting testimony.

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Avery Crossman said...

Wow, great topic! I practice worker's comp. here in Phoenix, Arizona. I love this area of law because of the complexities.