Friday, April 08, 2011

Medicare Rights Group Against GOP Changes

There seems to be a constant assault on Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid coming from I would call the far right of the political spectrum. The fact that Social Security has not been the real problem with the federal deficits and actually was borrowed against to fund government spending does not matter now. While there is no question that structural changes to make it more solvent may be soon needed the current effort seems nothing short of inhumane in its consequences if enacted. While that will not happen I find it amazing after all these years to see some questioning the usefulness of such benefits. The inability of some to accept the notion that we just need to cover the old, the disabled and the young astounds me but I guess they do not generate much income so we should minimize them is their attitude. Anyway this medicare rights group notes their disagreement with the GOP effort of one representative to pare down benefits. Also the Alliance for Retired Americans is voicing its concerns. Lastly at another site for the "middle class" they are also critical of this proposed legislation.

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